Welcome to Devon Tech Services

Devon Tech Services was established in January 2013. The business model was incredibly different to what it’s become today. The business was designed to offer low cost labour to computer repair businesses and having a contract with Holsworthy Computer Services grew Devon Tech Services. HCS then offered Devon Tech Services to completely take over the workshop of the business, so in August, the workshop was taken over and Devon Tech Services had take its first step forward.

Devon Tech Services moved into Holsworthy Computer Services former premises after the business closed in December. Things after that went well, the business model had changed and the shop was growing, particularly in the repair side of it, in fact, it took two complete refits to get the shop to its current state which now has a separate workshop.

In October, Devon Tech Services was endorsed with the Which? Trusted trader program. The WTT (Which Trusted trader) program checks our business for eligibility and to make sure we are a legitimate and trustable business. We passed all the tests and got an above average review from the trading standards officer who visited us from London.

In January 2015, our business set another standard for the town, intact, it was another first. We had decided that we would invest some of the money earned by the business into a Free WiFi network for the town centre. Offering this Free WiFi was a great move for the people of Holsworthy who day in day out have trouble getting signal on their phones and struggle to stay connected. The BT Openzone WiFi points already in place only offer PAID for connections where as our WiFi system allows you to connect without even signing up. The WiFi network has been a massive success and is increasing in the amount of usage each month meaning it was a service that really was required.

Devon Tech Services and its staff really care about the community and have worked hard with local organisations of all kinds to help out as much as we can. We believe that the more support for local projects such as the Free WiFi system, the better the town will be for locals and visitors.

Who’s involved?

My name is Steven Anderson. I live and work in Holsworthy and have family in Halwill and Holsworthy. I’ve lived in Holsworthy for almost 4 years now and have worked extremely hard in this town since.

One of my life goals was to own a computer shop by the time I was 35 years old. Thanks to the support of Andrew Kemp and my dad Jason Barnes, this has been a possibility, intact, I’d met that goal at the age of 20 years old. Anything is possible if your mind is put to it.

What I like:
Computers… That’s an easy one to guess
Trains – yes, I was a train spotter through my childhood and modern diesels are my stronger point.
RC Drones and Planes – This is a recent one and I’m currently building a 1.5M wide RC Plane.
Spending time with family at home and relaxing (which isn’t often these days).

Our knowledge

Web Design 80%
Windows Repairs 97%
Apple / OS X Repairs 75%
iPhone Repairs 94%

Partnerships and endorsements.

BullGuard Reseller
BullGuard ResellerPartnership
We are an official BullGuard partner. We offer BullGuard products in store and through our website.
Asus Gold Parnter
Asus Gold ParnterPartnership
We are an Asus gold partner. All our custom PC systems come with Asus hardware inside meaning longer lifetime, better reliability and higher performance.
Which Trusted trader
Which Trusted traderEndorsement
In October 2014, we became a Which? Trusted trader.