Diagnosing your broadband connection

To repair your broadband connection at home, simply check the following steps one by one. Only by following these steps can you rule out any faults of your own or “internal faults” with your broadband connection.

Your ISP can charge you a lot of money if they have to send an engineer out to find your router wasn’t plugged in or there was a simple mistake at your end.

This broadband repair guide will help you eliminate an internal fault to avoid paying £100 or more for a BT engineers time.

If you are still unsure, you can contact your ISP. Alternatively, one of our technicians can come and visit and establish the fault for you.

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  • Repair Broadband 1: Check your ADSL Filter is plugged in correctly
  • Repair Broadband 2: Check your router is powered on and your device is connected up
  • Repair Broadband 3: Check your ADSL cable is connected to the router
  • Repair Broadband 4: If the above fails, restart the router by unplugging it and plugging it back in
  • Repair Broadband 5: Check all your BT sockets in your house and make sure a filter is fitted to the ones in use
  • Repair Broadband 6: Finally, check to make sure you have no ethernet cables looped back into the hub

If these steps FAIL to get your broadband up and running, we recommend booking a technician to visit and check your broadband router.

 Broadband routers can go wrong, your router is switched on 24/7 and is managing connections all the time and therefore its more likely to fail than most other IT equipment. Buying a high quality router with built in surge protection can help improve reliability of your broadband line.