When it comes to finding an affordable replacement charger for your laptop, most owners turn to online shops such as eBay and Amazon. These sites offer an amazingly great choice of chargers, whether its a tablet, laptop or even PC, theres many options however we’ve been seeing a HUGE rise in the amount of fakes on the market.

eBay is one of the biggest players in this along with Amazon, many users are selling low priced chargers, they sound great, ideal, the perfect solution but is it really?

We’ve dealt with all kinds of chargers here at Devon Tech Services and we’ve seen what fakes can do, we’ve seen melted chargers, chargers that have caught fire catching other nearby items on fire, chargers that have actually damaged the charging circuits in the laptops themselves and its a minefield out there. Because the issue has gotten so big, we’ve got hold of a photo of a charger that IS fake and could cause damage, injury or even death. Wholesale-for-sony-Laptop-AC-Adapter-N131-19-5V-4-1A-replacement-AC-Adapter-Charger-for

The first thing to notice is the “Replacement AC Adapter” text on the label. Thats in instant sign that the charger is a FAKE and should be returned or sent back. Another give away is the low quality cable and connector at the end. Remember, these devices are designed to turn 240V into a 12V current, theres a lot of power that goes through these.

If you’re unsure on what charger you need, you may want to pop in for a chat. We offer various chargers for laptops both universal and genuine / original chargers. The little extra cost is worth it.

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