We all love Facebook, chance are, you are reading this found on a link on Facebook. The website giant has just clocked over 1.55 BILLION active monthly users making it one of the most subscribed too websites on the planet. Lets also put that into perspective, there are 7.125 BILLION people on this planet.

Because of Facebooks success, there are many hackers / malicious users who use this social website to try and gather information about you to sell and the most common way of this is through online quiz sites and other similar websites. These sites are very popular through Facebook because people do like to find out what character they are most linked too in their favourite TV series, or how many words you’ve used or what the most common words you’ve used on Facebook.

The problem starts with the way these sites start the quizzes. They demand access to your personal information which includes phone numbers, photos, date of birth, friends, location, sometimes addresses and even all your statuses and posts, now some quizzes genuinely need some bits of information but these websites make sure they have everything they can grab about you and this sounds not too bad, what would they do with this information, well, simply put, it gets sold on to marketing companies and even Microsoft Scammers who phone you telling you your PC is broken as well as aggressive PPI claim companies and all sorts, all of which can do whatever they want with the information that can personally identify you.

Unfortunately there is no way around this apart from NOT CLICKING on these quizzes and games. They sound fun, interesting but really, they can cause major issues in your personal life.

  • Cold calling.
  • Believable and expensive scams.
  • Aggressive marketing calls.
  • Junk mail.
  • Spam emails.
  • Hackers buying your personal information online.
  • The fact your details including phone numbers, possibly addresses, and personal information is for sale to ANYONE for ANY USE online.