The free WiFi project started just over a year ago when computer technician and store owner Steven Anderson installed a basic router in the shop window on Wednesdays for the market people and with support from other businesses and people, he gained an access point to install into the window to be enabled 24/7 and this has lead to success over the summer with St Peters Fair grabbing over 600 users in just 7 days meaning the network was wanted by the towns people.

In the summer, an application was put forward to the town council to install a WiFi unit on top of the well pump, with permission granted and support from the local conservation officer and town councillors including the town mayor and deputy. We installed the second access point on the well pump with great success and the first selfie was uploaded.

The network has been getting on average 600 monthly users and it also allows for visitors to find information about the town as well as things to do. 2016, we will be expanding the WiFi network into Fore Street, we have no idea how long this might take, but it is surely something we will do. WEB--Wifi