Getting your customers connected.

Our prices start at £3.75/week for 1 unit over a 12 month contract, its not only affordable, but an amazing deal considering these units can cost up-to £300 including installation.


Its quick, easy and simple.

Installation is quick, easy and simple. All we need is access to your broadband router and we simply plug the unit in and away you go, its that easy.

Facebook Connect

Let your WiFi advertise for you.

Our clever WiFi boxes will prompt your customers to “check in” to your Facebook page allowing their friends to see your business – FREE ADVERTISING!

Public Access WiFi – Secure – Safe – Reliable

With almost everyone carrying some sort of internet capable device with them these days, its important to offer Internet access in your premises. Whether you are a local pub, hotel, restaurant, cafe or a holiday let, its important to have internet access readily available.

Our Cloud based WiFi networks offer a stable and secure solution for those interested in offering WiFi without the risk of having a network or your files accessed on your office computer / server. With our system, we can block access to your local network isolating each device on the network preventing it from communicating to your network devices.

Our Cloud WiFi also offers bandwidth restrictions to help prevent any of your customers from slowing down your internet, ideal if your internet connection is already slow.

Our system takes anywhere between 20 minutes and 90 minutes to install depending on location of the main router.