Your start to a reliable connection.

The satellite broadband dish connects sends and receives signals to satellites in orbit and can transmit data at a MAXIMUM 22MB/s down and 6MB/s up.

The Satellite

The middle man in space.

The satellite in orbit acts as a middle man taking your data requests and sends those requests back to earth.

Back to earth

This is where it happens.

Once your data signal gets back to earth, its then sent on to the internet. All of this can be done in a split second. Thats how it works.

Government funded Satellite Broadband!

With broadband requirements becoming more demanding and data becoming larger everyday, a gateway to the internet with both speed and bandwidth is often needed for the simplest of tasks. BT have failed to delivery Infinity on time and have taken MILLIONS in government money and spent little on the infrastructure in Devon. As a result, the hopes of a reliable BT Fibre connection has been dented for many.

With our Satellite broadband solution available for much less than a few months ago, nows the time to sign up. The government are now paying for satellite equipment for homes and businesses in order to get the UK better connected.

So if you’re looking for a rock solid stable broadband connection with an award winning TP-Link Wireless N300 Cable / ADSL router, nows the time to place your order.

Service is tied to a 12 month contract. Satellite equipment belongs to the subscriber (you). Setup cost of £58.00 (TP-Link Router & Connection fee). Equipment cost normally £379.99, reduced to £0.00 thanks to government grants.

Package 1Package 2Package 3Package 4Package 5
2GB Data10GB Data20GB Data30GB Data40GB Data
5MB/s download15MB/s download15MB/s download15MB/s download30MB/s download
1MB/s upload2MB/s upload2MB/s upload2MB/s upload4MB/s upload
TP-Link N300 RouterTP-Link N300 RouterTP-Link N300 RouterTP-Link N300 RouterTP-Link N300 Router
Not yet available£28/month£45/month£58/month£170/month

 Download speeds and upload speeds are estimated and vary based on location. Generally, the devon area normally receives 15MB/s speed.

For more information on satellite broadband packages, contact 01409 478 040 to sign up.