Be careful what deals you go for…

So a lot of chain retailers are selling some bargain laptops these days from £249 or sometimes less. Because of the successful sales of these laptops, we’ve been seeing a lot of them coming through our doors, and not for the good reasons. It seems specifically the early 2015 models are plagued with issues. We will go through the issues below, and then again with a bit more detail.

  1. Security – The laptop comes pre-loaded with McAfee LiveSafe, one of the slowest antiviruses out there.
  2. The laptop has one of the slowest AMD CPU’s which are usually okay and usable, but in this laptop, it seems painful to do anything.
  3. The touchpad starts to lag or freezes because of the slow CPU.
  4. The CPU is mounted directly to the motherboard, this means it cannot be upgraded.
  5. The laptop comes shipped with boat-ware on such a severe scale, the laptop is barely usable out of the box.

Tie all of these issues together, you have a laptop you wish you never purchased. We at Devon Tech Services may not be the cheapest, but we are like that for a reason. Our laptops start at £259 which for the spec of system you are getting isn’t a bad deal, infact, it’s a bargain!

So lets go over some of the more serious issues in a bit more detail.

  1. The Toshiba C50D-B-120 Laptop comes shipped with an AMD E1 Essentials dual core CPU. These processors are the most basic of available CPU’s and are usually perfectly usable for internet browsing, facebook, documents, emails & online shopping, but for some reason, these Toshiba C50D laptops have such poor performance, it’s hard to see how the laptop was actually fit for purpose considering that the CPU cannot handle the touchpad software, hence the touchpad often lags when you open an app or document or even browse to websites.
  2. McAfee is pre loaded. Even on an Intel Core I7 based system, the software manages to affect performance. So put it on a CPU that costs no more than £14 to manufacturer, what’s it going to do? Slow right down and prevent you from using the laptop properly. Because of McAfee’s ways of working, we remove this system and replace it with BullGuard. This makes the computer much more usable.
  3. Because the CPU is mounted directly to the motherboard, it’s impossible to replace it. What you buy is what you get and no matter how much RAM is installed, you don’t get any more performance. This is a big issue because from day one, the laptop will find Updates for Windows, vital security updates needed so you remain secure. Over time, updates and patches can slow down a computer or increase its workload just running the OS, for example, Windows XP was originally able to run on 256MB of RAM comfortably. Now, it needs a minimum of 1GB to run properly. The same can be said about Windows 7 which originally ran nicely on 1GB of RAM, it now requires 4GB of RAM to run properly because of updates. This is a big issue, it reveals how important it is to be able to have a system that can perform well. The problem with this Toshiba is upgrading the RAM doesn’t work because the CPU is the bottleneck.

Make sure you have a think thoroughly before making a purchase on a laptop. Always choose a local computer shop, not a high street retailer. Local computer shops are able to provide unbiased information, they often have workshops so they see the faults that occur with different systems and often advise based on their experience to provide you with a laptop that will perform well and last a reasonable amount of time.