Which as we all know represent fair trade and to make sure the consumers are getting their monies worth. To help local businesses gain credibility, they started something called their ”Which Trusted Trader” program. This helps local traders and businesses stand out from the rest, the ones that pass all the scrutinizing tests and reviews. They also go through your customer data and make phone calls to previous customers from different dates and for different repairs / trades to make sure all the work you carry out is legitimate and worth paying for. if you are unsure of what businesses are a trusted trader, look out for the trusted trader icon or logo on windows and displays. If you still are not sure, then simply visit trustedtraders.which.co.uk¬†and enter your postal code into their search engine and you will find local trusted traders near your home. It’s extremely helpful and can save you lots of money in the future when it comes to repairs and services.

We spend most of our time working on repairs at Devon Tech Services and to be rewarded with this was great. The trusted trader program really helps customers make the right choice, it seperates us from the competition.

Our work we carry out on repairs is fully thorough and we complete nearly all repairs within schedule. This is why we have been awarded with the Trusted Trader certificate.